We are currently only considering actors that fall into one or more of the following categories:
-American-born actors with a genuine, native American accents

-Teenagers 16-19 years (real age)
-Playing age of 40 years upwards
-Fluent Arabic, Russian, German, French, Hindi or Mandarin speakers
-East Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Hispanic ethnicity
-Male actors with a burly/large frame
-Male actors with an athletic/fit/in shape body type  and height at least 5ft 10"
-Musical Theatre Males (with strong singing and/or dancing skills)

We will make exceptions for actors that do not fall into any of the categories above if they have mainstream TV, film (speaking and named credited roles) or stage credits.
Please email ALEX at  and include your Spotlight URL link (not pin) and contact number in your cover email. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. We require you either have a showreel or that you are performing in a show for us to see you in. If you send us an invitation to show more than 3 weeks in advance, and we do not respond, please do feel free to send us a reminder email closer to the time of the show. 

Unfortunately, as we are a small team it is not always possible to respond unless you are what we are looking for at that time. We apologise in advance.
Please ensure you have professional colour headshot; a list of photographers can be found at
All actors must be able to do a British accent unless they have mainstream credits.
Please do not list any Supporting Artist/Background credits on your CV.
Applications are accepted by email only. Postal/hand-delivered applications shall not be considered and returned.