Applications are accepted by email only.
Postal and hand-delivered applications shall not be considered r returned.
Email info(at)
We are currently only considering actors that fall into one or more of the following categories:
-American born actors with a genuine/native American accents.

-Teenagers 16-19 years 

-Actors with a playing age of 35-40 years

-Strong male singers of all ages

-Actors (male and female) who can speak fluent Arabic or Mandarin

-Actors with advanced street dance/hip hop or jazz dance skills

-Strong singers at West End standard

-Black, Asian, Subcontinental Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Native American and mixed ethnicities actors.

We will make exceptions for actors that do not fall into any of the categories above if they have mainstream TV, film (speaking and named credited roles) or stage credits.
Please send a short cover letter for the attention of Sandra and Alex and include your spotlight URL link (not pin) and contact number in your cover email. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE.

We only represent actors on Spotlight. We also only represent actors with showreels unless the actor has mainstream theatre credits or is under 20 years.

Please include "Actor Representation" in the subject line or "Show Invitation" (and the name of the production)  if you are inviting us to see you in something. 
Email info(at)  and alex_theavenue(at) for the attention of Sandra Thompson-Quartey and Alex Nair.

Unfortunately, as we are a small team it is not always possible to respond unless you are what we are looking for at that time. We apologise in advance!

Please feel free to check out our workshops if you do not hear back from us within 2 weeks. We would happily provide personal feedback within a workshop.

Exceptional Talent
Please ensure you have professional colour headshots. A list of professional photographers can be found at

All actors must be able to do a British accent unless they have mainstream credits.

Please do not list any Supporting Artist/Background credits on your CV.

We are currently only accepting applications from writers who have at the very least written at least two television scripts or two plays or two film scripts.

To be considered for representation please send your writing CV, a cover letter and one of the following:

Two series treatments/series bible for a television series.
This should include the title, a logline (35 words max, one or two sentences), introduction, premise/world, genre, key characters, a series guideline and your writing biography.

Two treatments (400 words max) for a Feature Film.
A working title, the logline, short synopsis, the genre, the key characters, an outline of Act, Act 2 and Act 3.

Two Play Synopses
200-300 words each
You may also include links to any short films, web series or features you have had made or recorded plays in your query letter.

We are not looking for romantic dramas, war films, adaptations, slasher films, sports-related stories, drug/crime/gang or biopics (unless it is your own life) at this time.  

Please send to info(at) for the attention of Sandra Thompson-Quartey.

We will confirm receipt of your application but we cannot provide feedback and we will only send a follow up if we are interested in reading one of your scripts. If you have not had confirmation of receipt of your application within a week of it being sent please feel free to call to check we have it. You do not need to ask to speak to Sandra. Please do not send anything via We Transfer. Please do not send hard copies of your work.

Film, TV & Stage 
"When will I hear back from you?  Hollywood is waiting for me!" 

Unfortunately, we are unable to follow up with any applications we do not wish to take further as we are a small team. We tend to be in touch within 2 weeks for actors and within 6-12 weeks for writers if we wish to take an application further.

If we are unable to consider you for representation please feel free to get in touch again in the future with an update of what you have been up to or with an invitation to a show. 

If you send us an invitation to show more than 3 weeks in advance and we do not respond please do feel free to send us a reminder email closer to the time of the show.

If you are multi-talented with both writing and acting skills/experience we definitely want to hear from you! Please send two separate emails following the guidelines above. We consider each talent separately. 

Though we love to read a good novel for leisure,  we do not represent novelists.  There are many amazing literary agents out there that do and we wish you well!
"I am a writer and an actor can I be represented for both? I can't help being this talented!"
"I am a novelist can you represent me for such work? "